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The production process 5 Pixels Studio works with has been polished and tested over the years. Our design team meets with you either in person, over the phone or via internet video conferencing, and listens to everything you wish to achieve through the site. Our structural engineer will then put all of this information into a Structural map that will be used as the foundation of the production process. Once that is complete, our designers will focus on the creation of an award winning design that appeals to your target audience and works with your call to action. When we are ready to deploy, we give you access to a CMS (Content Management System) so you have complete control over the look and feel of your site.

5 Pixels Studio is a company located in Reno, Nevada, that understands that effective web design requires more than just conveying information. Information plays a very important role, of course, but it is easier to understand and digest when it's packaged in a way that is entertaining, inviting and arresting. This is what our team at 5 Pixels Studio focuses on!

This is not old school web site design, this is web 2.0! Developed and deployed for your needs today, but carefully engineered so it can expand with your business in the future.. With creative layouts and use of cutting edge technology, we endeavor to give each client a visitor experience that is all their own. Clients visiting your site will judge your company but the first impression they get from the look and feel from their site, and at 5 Pixels Studio we work very hard to make that initial impression, amazing!

5 Pixels Studio focuses on web site creation and software development, but we also partner with other companies to provide our customers with the best in other mediums, like video production and print design. We take pride in our designs, our programming and mostly our customer support. So if you are looking to stand out from the competition, 5 Pixels Studio can take you there!